Stuck Inside? Today Do This

Small-but-concrete positive actions we can take even in lockdown

Daianna Karaian and Robbie Dale have a knack for creating thoughtful projects that capture the spirit of a moment. And their latest collaboration for Today Do This is no exception.

Blending elements of self-care, community spirit, creativity and humour, they have pulled together 31 thought-starters – ‘one for every day of even the longest months’ – that offer small-but-concrete actions we can take even in lockdown.

‘For a while now, via @TodayDoThis on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’ve suggested a simple action you can take to make each day a little better than the one before. Whether it’s something for yourself, for someone you know, or for the wider community, these small actions can change your world.

As COVID-19 forced most of us indoors for weeks, we decided to take the idea and make something relevant and useful for people in this specific context.’

Daianna Karaian, Co-founder Thought Starter
Daianna Karaian, Co-founder Thought Starter

From watching the entire sunset to inventing a new word to introducing two people you think would get on, the activities may feel obvious or simple at first glance. But once you start thinking about how to implement it in your life, you realise how broad and deep you could go with each one.

Watching a documentary on a subject that’s new to you may spark your curiosity, leading you to deeper research or taking an online course. That could lead to new connections with people from around the world and even set you on a new career path.

Alternatively, learning how to make a decent cocktail could stand you in good stead for the parties we’re going to throw when this is all over (practicing appropriate social distancing, of course).

‘Being stuck inside generally isn’t very good for us. At best it’s frustrating, and at worst it can really mess with our mental health. It doesn’t help that outside are forces we have little, if any, control over.

We hope that by giving people a thoughtfully curated set of 31 simple actions, and linking to an amazing online tool or resource to help with each, brings a sense of control, joy and fulfilment to as many people as possible in these troubling weeks.’

Daianna Karaian, Co-founder Thought Starter

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