Ella Daish, activist and campaigner

Superdrug Ditches Plastic

Even with lockdown measures in place, this activist continues making history

One of our favourite campaigners, Ella Daish, hasn’t let the coronavirus crisis derail her efforts to remove plastic from sanitary products. She’s continued to have virtual meetings with supermarkets and shops as well as manufacturers, delivering her petition – which has over 207,000 signatures – and getting results.

This week she announced that Superdrug ‘is ditching plastic tampon applicators and launching their own-brand eco-friendly period product range’. They join Sainsbury’s and Aldi in stopping the production of plastic tampon applicators for their own-brand products, collectively saving over 16 tonnes of single-use plastic each year.

Ella Daish campaigns for Superdrug to stop their plastic tampon applicator

‘This news shows the growing willingness among decision makers to engage, listen to us and make developments and changes to their products, which is really exciting.

I’m thrilled that Superdrug have taken these progressive steps and hope to see other manufacturers move forward in this way.’

Ella Daish

Superdrug’s Head of Own Brand, Quality and Technical, Sarah Jenkins, says: ‘At Superdrug, we are proud to champion sustainable initiatives and continue to make responsible choices. Ella’s tireless campaign to help end period plastic is inspirational, and we have been working with her over the past year to help bring about this change at Superdrug.’

Lil-Lets was the first manufacturer to respond to the campaign by creating an eco-friendly range that are plastic-free and made of organic cotton. Whilst they still have conventional products that contain plastic, this was a huge step to making a plastic-free alternative available for women.

Lil-Lets create eco-friendly option after Ella's campaigning

Mary Young, Global Marketing Executive, Lil-Lets said:

‘The End Period Plastic campaign lead by Ella Daish has done a phenomenal job shining the light on this burning issue. Over the last few years we have been focussed on educating on plastic and reducing the amount of plastic in our core products. By launching an organic alternative we believe that we are staying true to the brand by offering choice.

Almost 2/3rds of UK consumers choose to use pads and there was a clear call for a trusted brand to provide an organic alternative to existing products on the market which is why we launched the pad. We want to be completely transparent so that the choice that is made is a fully educated one.

We are not yet the best that we can be, but we are making progress and we are fully committed to looking at ways to make our range of products more environmentally friendly.’

Mary Young, Global Marketing Executive, Lil-Lets

Learn more about Ella’s transition from a postal worker to full-time activist in this film we made with her and be sure to sign the petition to #EndPeriodPlastic.

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