7 Experience Gifts to Keep This Holiday Season Sustainable

7 Experience Gifts to Keep This Holiday Season Sustainable

Avoid festive waste with the gift of experience, not things.

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It’s long been recognised that experiences bring more lasting joy than things. Additionally, the lengthy periods of time that many of us have been forced to spend at home is certainly not to be helped by surrounding ourselves with more ‘stuff.’ There’s also the extraordinary amounts of waste produced during the holiday season. It’s hardly sustainable. So, swerving ‘stuff’ in favour of things to do helps the planet out, too.

That said, many of the usual experiences, such as travel, eating out, and salon treatments are still off the table this year. Even so, businesses have been quick to adapt to changed circumstances, with all manner of home-delivered or virtual offerings. Read on for ideas.

7 Sustainable Experience Gifts

1. Masterclasses

One of the best knowledge-boosting platforms out there is Masterclass. It gives access to lessons from specialists in fields including design, business, and music. If you’re buying for someone who would fancy cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay, or creative writing lessons from Margaret Atwood, look no further. Another option is Learning With Experts. There, the recipient of your gift can pick up skills ranging from floristry to photography, through to wine appreciation.

2. Meal Delivery

Although eating out isn’t quite the experience it once was, that’s not to say that you can’t gift people the pleasure of a chef-made meal. Allplants offers an easily customisable vegan meal subscription service. You could, for example, give somebody a week’s worth of delicious, nourishing, ready-in-minutes food.

3. Virtual Beauty

Spa days and pampering treatments are always a welcome treat in the festive season. And there’s no reason why this year shouldn’t afford your loved ones similar pleasures. Face Gym offers Zoom-based workouts aimed at results ranging from face sculpting to stress relief. Tom Ford is offering a series of complimentary online beauty appointments.

4. Virtual Workouts

If the fitness enthusiast in your life is going somewhat stir-crazy, there are a number of classes available online. Choose from Barry’s Bootcamp, Psycle, Combatfit, and Yoga, as well as many others.

5. Mindfulness

Anxiety levels have soared for many this year, making the gift of Headspace an ideal present. You can choose between a one-month or one-year subscription, giving access to hundreds of mindfulness exercises, meditations, and animations. Alternatively, buy someone a year’s worth of access to Calm. The app includes soothing bedtime stories, guided meditations, and a variety of music tracks for focus, relaxation, and sleep.

6. Pay It Forward

One of the most meaningful ways to gift without creating clutter is to put your money towards someone’s passion while also doing good. Good Gifts has a huge variety of options. For example, the knitter in your life may enjoy knowing that yarn and needles were gifted in their name to an elderly person. A book lover can feel great knowing a disadvantaged child will receive a monthly book delivery for a year.  

7. Make It Personal

Finances are often stretched to breaking point during the holiday season, and possibly more than ever this year, as many have lost their economic security. One of the loveliest ways to give someone a present is to create your own voucher. Or even a whole book of vouchers, promising the gift of your time and effort. For example, pledging to babysit, do some gardening or to cook a meal.

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