10 Sustainable Loungewear Brands: Give the Gift of Conscious Comfort

10 Sustainable Loungewear Brands for Conscious Comfort

Is anything more important than comfort?

10 Sustainable Loungewear Brands: Give the Gift of Conscious Comfort
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Rarely has having a wardrobe full of outfits felt more pointless than during a pandemic. Even working from home — once we’d mastered the art of the Zoom — scarcely required anything more sartorially challenging than dressing our top halves, while the hidden-from-view bottom half languished in leggings and pyjamas. Now, with the colder weather upon us and no real end to our time at home in sight, it’s probably about time to embrace loungewear with gusto. And with everyone’s favorite joggers worn through by now, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to loungewear with an eco twist.

Multipurpose and stylishly organic.

1. Viverano Poncho

Do we ever grow up enough to stop wanting our very own comfort blanket? One of the best things about this Viverano poncho is that it provides enough of a cover up to make you look ‘done’ if you have to answer the door or dash out to the shops … the rest of the time, you can just snuggle down in it and stay cosy. Made from 100% organic cotton, it’s ethically woven and stitched at a GOTS and Fairtrade certified facility in India. Another bonus? Once we start flying again, it will make the perfect travel blanket – meaning that you can swerve the airline offering and its single-use plastic wrap.

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Prana’s hooded top brings style and comfort.

2. Prana Hooded Top

The bright blue of this hooded top from sustainable brand Prana is guaranteed to lift spirits, as are the cosy front pockets. The ethos of the brand focuses on ‘Clothing for Positive Change’ and features recycled polyester, hemp, and organic cotton.

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Pact’s commitment to organic is perfect for the environmentalist on your list.

3. Pact Apparel Full Zip Hoodie

The Pact Apparel’s Full Zip hoodie is made with organic cotton — saving a whopping 112.2 gallons of water — and is Fair Trade Certified™, too. Skip the pesticide-laden cotton as you lounge in comfort.

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For the cosy lover on your list.

4. Tentree Hoodie

You can also give a nod to the cozy winter look with a wintry Alpine scene on this Tentree hoodie. Not only is it made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, but Tentree, as the name suggests, also plant ten trees for every item of clothing purchased. 

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Graceful District’s Raglan sweatshirt and joggers

5. Graceful District Ice Gray French Terry Raglan Sweatshirt

Rarely do you expect sweatshirts and joggers to look as stylish as those from Graceful District yet, as the name suggests, they are the epitome of grace; the fail-safe choice for easing away from the couch and on to a video conference, with no compromise on style, nor comfort.

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Boody leggings are cosy.

6. Boody Leggings

For the fitness buff on your list, try these leggings from Boody – the high-rise waist is forgiving on festive blow-outs, and the thicker bamboo fabric provides an extra-cosy feel.

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Planet-friendly and plant-printed yoga pants.

7. Satva Leaf Print Yoga Pants

Perfect for the plant-obsessed yoga lover, meet the leaf-print yoga pants from Satva. The soft, naturally breathable, and stretchable fabric absorbs moisture, like sweat, to reduce moisture build up between clothing and skin.

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Stuff stockings with organic socks.

8. Maggie’s Organic Cotton Socks

There’s nothing quite like a headache or cold feet to lower your mood – and while we may not be able to do much about the thumping head that’s a by-product of lockdown, no one needs to have frosty toes. Available in a variety of colours, Maggie’s Organic Cotton Socks will keep feet toasty and ensure footprints are only about as big as an actual foot.

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Made from Bamboo, these pyjamas are the definition of comfort.

9. Amorbella Pyjamas

Available in a wide range of colours, these Amorbella pyjamas are made from bamboo, providing a cool, comfortable sleep. These designs effortlessly channels that ‘elegance meets comfort’ appeal.

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Luxury meets comfort in these India rose robes.

10. India Rose Robes

The gorgeous prints on these belted India Rose robes uplevel your game for the comfort lover. Made from 100% cotton, each one is sustainably sourced and ethically made in Jaipur, India, and hand printed with vegetable dyes using time-honoured techniques.

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