Broadstairs. Elena Zieg

The Call of the Sea

A new survey shows that the destination we miss the most is the seaside

In his conversation with us for SHINEfest 2020 (going live next week!), Guy Singh-Watson from Riverford said the one thing he has missed the most whilst being under lockdown is surfing in the ocean. And it seems he’s not alone. 

Broadstairs. Elena Zieg
Broadstairs. Elena Zieg, Unsplash.

Surfers Against Sewage just published the results of their 2020 #GenerationSea Blueprint Survey and found that 84% of people are ready to get back to the beach. It’s not just the physical benefits that come from a walk on the shoreline, a swim or hitting the waves with your board. There is something about the sea that also boosts our mental wellbeing and feeds our souls. 

Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage says:

The ocean and our beautiful beaches clearly make the nation’s heart beat faster. People want to roam and restore Britain’s beaches, and their love for our coastal spaces seems to have increased during lockdown. People protect what they love, and the survey shows 90% of people want to see more action to protect the ocean as the nation recovers from the current crisis.

The emerging signs of nature’s recovery during the COVID-19 crisis might have also captured people’s imagination – half of those polled feel optimistic about the future of the ocean – up 14% from 2018.

Hugo Tagholm

The survey also showed that the majority of people believe the coronavirus pandemic ’provides and opportunity to rebuild an economy around tackling the ocean and climate’ crises. It’s something we’re taking personally too.

More than 90% of respondents ‘stated that their daily behaviour and attitude will be modified in some way, with one-third of us having already started planning how we will make these changes’. A few examples are shown below. 

You can find a Socially Responsible Beach Guide on the Surfers Against Sewage website, and while you’re there, consider joining #GenerationSea. This is an incredible movement of people uniting to save the ocean. Surfers Against Sewage is asking people who join to email their MP asking them to sign the pledge to protect the oceans by: 

  • Stopping plastic pollution
  • Acting fast to tackle the climate crisis
  • Prevent sewage from entering the oceans 
  • Protect areas for sea life to flourish

If you’re heading to the beach this weekend, don’t forget to maintain your distance, take your rubbish home and be considerate of the local communities you’re visiting. 

But above all, enjoy!

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