Too Many Ts latest music video and campaign to plant 10,000 trees

This Earth Is F**ked

London-based hip-hop duo Too Many T’s have released a new music video and a campaign to plant 10,000 trees

Inspired by a love for old-school party hip hop, Ross and Leon of Too Many T’s use their music to raise awareness of environmental issues and social equality.

‘We aim to make people feel good, but we also really care about the state of the earth and have to speak up and take action in whatever way we can. Trying to combine this positive vibe while highlighting the plight of the earth is not an easy task, but we’ve tried to do that with this project.

Launching the track reminds us that there are still many serious issues we are facing, both nationally and globally, and we offer some direct action with Too Many Trees – something we hope will snowball over the years into a huge project.’

Ross, Too Many T’s

This Earth Is F**ked

About Too Many Trees

Despite a record drop in CO2 emissions in 2020 (predicted to be between 4-8%, thanks Covid19), the science tells us that an average reduction of 7.6% is required every year from 2020-2030 to basically not spark off untold madness.

We’re talking worldwide extreme weather, famine, mass-extinction and war. No biggy. We’re all humans and our biology dictates we prioritise immediate threats.

Well, we need to move climate change from green on that Nando’s heat scale thingy to VERY HOT. Or they even need to get some reaper chilis in and make a new setting.

‘You make hip-hop music, what are you on about!?’ You may ask. Well, we really (really) give a sh*t and always have. We even went and got master’s degrees in sustainability. What’s more, we know our fans and like-minded musicians around us care as well.

We have met and got to know lots of our fans, and they are ALL absolute legends.

So, along with our community and any other legends who want to join in, we are going to:

  • Plant 10,000 trees in the UK
  • Increase climate change education, without boring people to death
  • De-bunk the denial, at every opportunity

The first planting mission (virus permitting) is in October 2020 – when we will plant a minimum of 1,000 trees with willing volunteers.

The day will consist of holes, trees, hip-hop, great food, and some drinks. If doing this isn’t fun, then it’s not worth it!! (It really is, but you get the gist…)

Ready to get involved?

Donate to the cause and share the campaign with your friends and family.

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