Tommy Hilfiger Launches 2 Sustainable Earth Day Collections: 'Now Is the Time'

Tommy Hilfiger Launches 2 Sustainable Earth Day Collections: ‘Now Is the Time’

In its two newest collections American fashion label Tommy Hilfiger is celebrating sustainability, just in time for Earth Day.

Tommy Hilfiger has been, like much of the luxury fashion world, slowly embracing sustainability. Last year, the brand announced “Make It Possible” a list of 24 sustainability priorities and targets, including hitting zero waste by 2030. Now, just ahead of the 51st Earth Day, the brand is going all-in with sustainable collections made from organic and recycled materials, and a star-studded roster of activists behind the launch.

Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together launched earlier this month with help from celebrity activist, Jameela Jamil. In a recent interview, the “Good Place” star said sustainability is not a trend, but a way of life.

“We simply cannot carry on the way we did before,” she told Marie Claire.

“The shift is going to be incremental, as education and empathy grows around the subject, and our responsibility as consumers is to only fund/follow the brands that are taking impressive steps to be more sustainable and responsible.”

The new collection retains the iconic Hilfiger style, using environmentally-friendly materials such as EcoVero viscose, recycled polyester, Lyocell, and organic cotton.

“I know the perfect brand doesn’t exist,” Jamil says, “but I make space for those who are throwing as much as they can at progress.”

Jamil has been a champion of sustainable fashion. She’s particularly adamant about keeping her own purchases to a minimum.

“I love encouraging people to buy for the long term. I have always bought stuff that I knew I was going to own for decades,” she says. “I’ve never been into trends and ‘must have’ items. A lot of the clothes in the collection I will be wearing into my eighties.” The star recently cleaned out her own closet, selling items on the secondhand platform Vestiaire Collective

The campaign also embodies a message of equity and diversity. Jamil is joined by ambassadors including trans actor and activist Indya Moore, DJ Kiddy Smile, and surfer Monica Guo. It also features Mogli, the Berlin-based singer, songwriter, filmmaker, designer, and activist, who fronts the brand’s other sustainable collection, One Planet.

Tommy Hilfiger Launches 2 Sustainable Earth Day Collections: 'Now Is the Time'
Jameela Jamil | Courtesy

One Planet

“There is no better time than Earth Day to stop and appreciate the importance of our home,” Hilfiger said in a statement about the collection.

“We’ve only got one planet, and as a brand, we recognize the importance of protecting it. Through our ‘One Planet’ capsule, we hope to inspire our fans to move forward together more sustainably,” he said.

The new collection includes relaxed Covid-era statement pieces: sweatpants and hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, and polos. The hoodies and tees include positive messaging such as “The Future is Bright, Together We Succeed” and “Spreading Love.”

All materials are recycled or organic, part of the brand’s sustainability commitments.

Tommy Hilfiger Launches 2 Sustainable Earth Day Collections: 'Now Is the Time'
Mogli | Courtesy

Fashionably Sustainable

“I opened my first store, People’s Place, in 1969 in my hometown of Elmira for people of all backgrounds to come together and share exciting pop culture experiences,” Hilfiger said last August at the launch of Make It Possible. “As our brand has evolved over the years, driven by this inclusive spirit, so has our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. With Make it Possible, we will go even further with our commitment. We’re working towards our vision with the entire organization focused on it and, while we’re not there yet, we are going to get there.”

The label has already trained more than 80 percent of its designers on circular design strategies. In 2019, more than two-thirds of all cotton used in the production chain was sourced sustainably; cotton has one of the biggest environmental footprints because of its dependency on agrochemicals.

According to the brand, more than two million pieces of denim saw lower-impact finishing, which reduces water and energy usage. Hilfiger has partnered with WWF to address the water risks in its supply chains. The brand has also been doubling its sustainable offerings with each collection. In 2019 it signed The Fashion Pact and joined two Ellen MacArthur Foundation initiatives: Make Fashion Circular and Jeans Redesign.

“Now is the time to spread love and climate awareness in everything we do,” Hilfiger said.

Mogli will host a live chat on Earth Day on the Tommy Hilfiger Instagram page where she’ll discuss the collection and the impact the industry has on the environment.

The ‘One Planet’ capsule and the Moving Forward Together collection are both now available on the Hilfiger website.

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