The UN’s New Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network Launches to Tackle Sustainability Goals

The United Nations is championing a more sustainable fashion industry with the launch of the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network.

A new collaborative website named The Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network aims to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as they pertain to the global fashion industry.

The platform is an extension of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, which was a partnership with the United Nations Office for Partnerships. It works to support efforts for sustainable fashion innovation. The Conscious Fashion Campaign and the UN Office for Partnerships have already reached more than 12 million fashion industry members with more than 800 annual events in 40 countries.

The new Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network will now work further to address fashion’s most pressing issues including poverty, inequality, climate change, and unsustainable consumption and production practices. It is managed by the the Division for Sustainable Development Goals, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

This New 'Conscious' Fashion Network to Tackle UN Sustainability Goals
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Greening Global Fashion

According to Drapers, founding partnerships of the platform include: “Fashion4Development, a private sector global platform, as well as sustainable textile group Lenzing; New York fashion brand Mara Hoffman Renewed; global textile trade fair group Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network; online sustainable clothing marketplace Queen of Raw; Red Carpet Green Dress, a female-led sustainable organisation; Redress, an environmental charity with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste to catalyse a circular economy and reduce fashion’s water, chemical and carbon footprints; and Swarovski Waterschool, the jeweller’s global initiative, operating within watershed areas of the world´s major rivers.”

The network’s website will accomodate industry leaders including brands, retailers, and manufacturers, as well as governments and NGO organizations in their efforts to share resources and sustainable solutions to the challenges outline. It will also publish progress reports.

“To accelerate industry change through advocacy and education, the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network offers an action-oriented platform that fuels stakeholders’ innovative solutions for more equitable and resilient societies,” Kerry Bannigan, founder of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, told Drapers.

Annemarie Hou, acting executive director, UN Office for Partnerships, added, “The Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network offers an opportunity to cultivate an innovative and essential community of practice to help deliver sustainable change in the Decade of Action.”

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