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7 Vegan Chocolate and Wine Gifts That Ship Right to Your Door

You cannot fail by gifting chocolates, wine, or, preferably, both.

Nowadays, it’s harder to get out and about. But forget virtual hugs, kisses, and emojis. Fortunately, vegan chocolatiers and wine producers have stepped up their gift game. So both chocolate-lovers and wine-drinkers can receive presents of the highest caliber delivered to their doorsteps.

Not sure where to start? Don’t panic. Here we detail choc and wine delights that can be delivered to your loved one’s letterbox.

cocoa parlor
Bars by Cocoa Parlor

1. Cocoa Parlor

This isn’t your standard box of chocolates. No half-eaten, subpar truffles here. As a small-batch, inventive chocolatier, Cocoa Parlor’s vegan white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles are unique one-bite wonders. A great chocolate bar requires great cocoa beans and even better farmers. Cocoa Parlor ethically source their beans from the Dominican Republic, which happens to be the first and largest organic cocoa producer in the wold! To purchase a set, choose your assortment count (from six to 24-pieces) and select your favourite confections. You can’t go wrong with the Strawberry Milkshake, Balsamic Fig, or Dark Chocolate PB.

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frey wines
Frey’s Organic Wines

2. Frey Wines

America’s first organic winery, Frey has produced award-winning vegan wines since 1980. Located in Mendocino County, California, the vineyard combine the best of modern and traditional winemaking methods. There’s a gift package for all occasions here. The Valentine’s Day bundle includes a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and a TAZA Chocolate Wheel. The Gardener’s Delight offers the green-fingered receiver three wines and a pack of Zoltar Sunflower seeds.

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Dandelion Chocolate
Bars by Dandelion

3. Dandelion Chocolate

As stated in the New York Times,
“Dandelion roasts and grinds beans from a single farm or cooperative at a time. It’s a winemaker’s approach, and each bar is as distinct from the next as a Chianti is from a Barolo.”
Technically, this chocolate doesn’t come in a box. But it does come with an elegant ribbon and three remarkable bars of vegan dark chocolate. For the true dark-chocolate lover, this is the gift to get. Also included, an in-house tasting guide to help you appreciate the specific flavour notes of each bar. The Maya Mountain Belize, Costa Esmeraldas, and Sea Salt Caramels are highlights.

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vejii wine and macaron
Valentine’s Bundle | Vejii

4. Vejii

You may not speak French, so let some French vegan wine do the talking. From Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet Franc, along with everything in between, offers over 40 vegan wines taking the guesswork out of drinking.
This online vegan retailer stocks over 3000 brands and offers one-stop shopping, shipped to your door. Gift bundles include their Valentine’s Special, complete with macarons and chocolate. Make your loved-one feel loved with bubbles, a classic French red, an Italian rosé plus 25 Macarons from Sweet Maresa’s bakeshop.

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Hun Canned Wines

5. Hun Wines

Who said wine tastes better in a bottle? Tired of bottled wine and canned beers taking all the glory, this group of East Londoners have shaken things up. They have sourced premium quality wine from South Africa. Then they created the UK’s first Fairtrade wine in a can. It’s fully recyclable and vegan. HUN is backed by Formula 1 legend David Coulthard, Red Bull director Andy Shaw, and Waitrose executive James Bailey. Send a Selection box of Rose Bubbles, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc to your loved one now. Bottoms up!

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sjaak's chocolate
The chocolate boxing line | Sjaak’s

6. Sjaak’s

If you’re ditching dairy (it may be a good idea) this chocolatier could be your savior. They churn out whimsical confections when any holiday rolls around. From small bites to larger bars, all chocolates are handcrafted by skilled chocolatiers at their Blue Lake, California, factory. From grinding nut butter to hand wrapping bars, this is pod to pure pleasure! Each reusable wooden crate is filled with five flavors of heart-shaped truffles (Raspberry, Lavender, Maple Sugar Caramel, Green Tea, and Lemon). For a tongue-in-cheek gift, the Melt My Heart box is just what you need.

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Doisy + Dam
Vegan and organic chocolate | Doisy & Dam

7. Doisy and Dam

From bean to bar, Doisy and Dam know that less is more when it comes to the best chocolate ingredients. All cocoa comes Colombia, where chocolate is famed for its fruity, nutty flavour. There is fun stuff — Buttons and Ballers, anyone? But present offerings include Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chocoholics Anonymous, and Package of Joy gift sets. Plus gift vouchers for the indecisive!

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