12 Decadent Vegan Chocolates to Gift this Festive Season

Do Santa proud with dairy-free chocolate under the tree.

Some people balk at gifting chocolate, for fear that it will look like they’ve not made enough effort. Nonsense! Most recipients will happily take chocolate over effort, on any day of the week. And during the festive season, when indulgence reigns supreme, you can never have too much of a sweet thing. 

1. Booja-Booja Truffles

UK-based brand Booja-Booja has been producing vegan chocolate since 1999. Certified by The Vegan Society and The Soil Association, all of their chocolates are also soya and gluten free. Within this delightfully festive box, your lucky giftee will find eight indulgent truffles, oozing with a salted caramel centre and almond pieces. Nut allergies? Other flavours in the range include Midnight Espresso, Cherry Cognac and Toffee Strudel. 

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2. Cox & Co Chocolate Christmas Tree

Christmas-themed vegan indulgence scarcely gets better than this. A whopping 400g of dark chocolate, enriched with raw cacao nibs in the shape of a Christmas tree, making it ideal as a stocking filler or standalone gift. The packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable, so you can feel doubly good about the act of giving. 

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3. Cocoa Libre

As well as being vegan, these scrumptious slabs tick a whole lot of allergy boxes. They are gluten-free and nut-free too, as well as being artisanally hand-crafted in small batches. Melt-in-the-mouth sprinkles of honeycomb stud the surface of this chocolate. The purchase comes in two individually wrapped slabs, so you can gift them both. On the other hand, no one will judge you if you keep one for yourself. 

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4. Enjoy! Magical Mint

Swerve the traditional After Dinner Mints in favour of this vegan slice of delight. A Michelin-starred chef is part of the team that creates this range of chocolate, which is based on just three ingredients, which are 100% organic. These are raw cacao powder and butter, plus coconut sugar. Why raw rather than roasted? It uses less energy and retains more nutrients. Above all, it keeps in more flavour. Coconut sugar is also a more sustainable choice than cane, because it yields 50 to 70% more sugar per acre, yet uses 20% less water. All round goodness in a bar. 

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5. Moo Free

If you have someone who loves white chocolate in your life, they’ll love you almost as much for gifting them these. Beautifully textured white chocolate surrounds a gooey raspberry centre – and as well as being gluten free, they are made into sweet heart shapes. Additionally, Moo Free is a climate pledge friendly brand, made in the UK. 

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6. Livia’s

Squidgy date caramel tops a gluten-free oat base and above that, there is a layer of raw dark chocolate. In short, the perfect plant-based treat for someone who loves a millionaire’s shortbread. You get 12 bars in total, making these a great way to stuff a stocking or bulk out another gift. 

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7. Benefit

With names that sound more like health shakes than chocolate bars, the recipient of this triple treat of a gift can feel virtuous even before the 2021 resolutions kick in. In the Protein bar, 85% cacao is blended with almond butter, coconut and pea protein. The Energy variety contains three key B vitamins, while the Vitamin bar has been formulated to provide half of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins.

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8. Ombar

A true chocolate lover is going to swoon over the intense hit provided by the 90% pure, raw chocolate that this bar contains. It’s made in the UK with premium Nacional Arriba cacao beans and contains only raw cacao, coconut sugar and cocoa butter. At a relatively petite 35g, you may want to buy several, as anyone who receives this gift is going to want more than one. 

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9. Montezuma’s

A sleek glass Kilner jar contains these giant chocolate buttons, making this a gift with life beyond consumption. They are organic and gluten free, as well as being vegan. Forget about getting caught with a hand in the cookie jar – whoever gets this present under the tree is sure to be going back for more. Montezuma’s is committed to sustainability at every stage of the chocolate-making process and has been established in the UK for over 20 years.

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10. Seed & Bean

Dark chocolate from Peru is the star ingredient in these truffles, but the hazelnuts pack an extra punch. Perfect with coffee after dinner and with just a hint of vanilla for additional sweetness. Coconut oil helps to provide that velvety mouth-feel, too. Seed & Bean is a Fairtrade and climate pledge friendly brand, plus the packaging is completely recyclable. 

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11. Pana Organic

Is it even Christmas without a chocolate orange of some kind? This certified organic bar comes from Australia and is an absolute taste sensation. As well as cacao, coconut oil and carob, it contains agave nectar, Ceylon cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt and essential oils of orange and tangerine. No refined sugar, no dairy, no soy and gluten free – plus vegetable ink is used to print the packaging. Insanely good! 

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12. Bonsan

Let’s not forget – it will be Pancake Day before we know it. Not that we expect this spread to last that long, because the person who gets this jar of chocolatey goodness at Christmas will be forgiven for diving straight in with a spoon. Or even with their fingers! It’s also free from palm oil, so it’s kind to monkeys, as well as being decadently delicious. 

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