What’s Got Your Goat?

Your next Zoom meeting is about to get a lot more interesting…

As a result of the current global pandemic, charities are being hit hard. One animal sanctuary in Silicon Valley, however, has created a rather different way to generate some much needed income.

Anna Sweet of Sweet Farm launched Goat 2 Meeting last month to make up for farm visits and tours which haven’t been possible since the lockdown began. Yes, you read that correctly and for a small donation, you can invite any of Anna’s animal residents to join your virtual meeting.

Goat-2-Meeeting in action…or in this case a llama

And it seems that she’s onto something; since the middle of March, 300 meetings have been booked and demand is so high that there is now a waiting list!

‘With so many people stuck inside, I think everyone is craving a piece of the outdoors and farm animals just naturally bring smiles to people’s faces.

We’ve been enjoying meeting people of all ages and from all around the world.’

Anna Sweet

The cost ranges from $65 to $250 depending on the length and who’s on the call… you could be chatting to goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, cows and turkeys. And it’s up to the caller as to whether you opt for a virtual tour of the farm or simply have your special guest sit in on your usual team meeting.

What could be better to cheer us all up than a billy goat staring at us through our screens. It will certainly brighten up even the most boring of meetings!

‘Our mission as a nonprofit is to help create a more compassionate and sustainable world and we feel fortunate to be able to continue working toward that despite the situation.’

Anna Sweet

Meanwhile, the planetSHINE team are looking forward to meeting the animals during our call in a few week’s time…

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