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World Leaders Cop It from Attenborough

The legendary environmentalist calls for urgent climate action. Before it’s “too late”.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming UN climate summit – which kicks off this Sunday – the 95-year-old broadcaster also said that the richest countries have a “moral responsibility” to help poorer nations. These are set to be the most impacted by climate changes and extreme weather events.

Named the People’s Advocate for COP26, Sir David made his impassioned plea when speaking to the BBC yesterday. “Every month that passes, it becomes more and more incontrovertible the changes to the planet that we are responsible for that having these devastating effects.” he said. “Whole parts of Africa are likely to be unliveable – people will simply have to move away because of the advancing deserts and increasing heat, and where will they go?” Referencing a recent UN report that links climate change to human activity, he continued, “We caused it – our kind of industrialisation is one of the major factors in producing this change in climate. So we have a moral responsibility.”

Street Justice

The major UN summit will see global leaders from around the world descend on Glasgow. This COP is touted as the most significant climate conference since Paris in 2015. It will test countries’ ambition to limit global warming. Whilst The Queen of England has recently declined to attend, big names such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and – significantly – Greta Thunberg are set to head to Scotland. However, whilst the world leaders will be attending the summit, the teen Swedish activist will be hitting the streets of Glasgow. She will take part in a climate change demonstration.

Thunberg had initially said she would skip the event. This was out of concern about the uneven rollout of Covid vaccines across the world. As a result, some countries would be unable to attend safely. But the 18-year-old environmentalist changed her mind. This came after the UK agreed to vaccinate all delegates in June. In a message to millions of followers on Twitter, she said, “On Friday Nov 5 I’ll join the climate strike in Glasgow, during #COP26. Climate justice also means social justice and that we leave no one behind. So we invite everyone, especially the workers striking in Glasgow, to join us. See you there!”

The demonstration will see protesters march from Kelvingrove Park to George Square on November 5.

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